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  • Olivio Romanini, giornalista e scrittore, ha presentato il suo nuovo libro dal titolo "Una nevicata memorabile" in contesto veramente speciale. Tra i tavolini del locale Piccolo Cafe dell'Upper West Side di Manhattan. Il libro, scritto in forma epistolare, racconta di un viaggio tra l'Italia e gli Stati Uniti, passando per una casetta innevata, il momento legato all'elezione, sorpresa per molti, del Presidente Donald Trump. A parlare con lui nel locale Francesca di Matteo e Michele Casadei Massari
  • Evelina's garden
    Evelina, A Victorian Herone in Venice, by Judith Harris, is published in the UK by Fonthill Media Ltd., including in a Kindle edition, and is available in print in the US in October.
  • "Let's Wake Up, Italics!"- Piero Bassetti in Conversation with Fred Plotkin
    Piero Bassetti and Fred Plotkin at La Casa di i-Italy
    There are over 250 million “Italics” in the world, and perhaps you’re one of them! On occasion of the recent English publication of Piero Bassetti’s book “Let’s Wake Up, italics! Manifesto for a Glocal Future,” i-Italy hosted a conversation between the author himself and Fred Plotkin, one of America’s foremost experts on opera and Italian culture. The conversation discussed what an “Italic” is and how Italics fit into the larger global society. The book “Let’s Wake Up, italics!” is published by the John D. Calandra Italian American Institute.
  • Almost everyone has a favorite Italian dessert. For many people, the traditional dessert of choice is tiramisù. What better excuse to have a bite of this delicious Italian "dolce" than a day dedicated to it? Thanks to Clara and Gigi Padovani, authors of the book "Tiramisù," March 21st will be the first ever “Tiramisù Day.”
  • Art & Culture
    Maria Rita Latto(June 25, 2016)
    The fourth of Antonio Monda’s ten-volume New York saga has just been published in Italy. Based on a recurring cast of characters, each volume is set in a different decade of the 20th century. This last is set in the 1970s and it examines the complicated relationship between faith and guilt.
  • Lavishly praised throughout the English-speaking world and somewhat more controversial at home, Neapolitan author Elena Ferrante is a literary phenomenon whose identity is an enigma. Her name is a pseudonym, and the author has chosen to keep his/her identity an enigma. For whatever reason, Ferrante is never photographed, never interviewed in person, but solely and occasionally by email.
  • In "Isis vs Occidente", Italian sociologist Stefano De Santis focuses on various aspects of the universe of ISIS, from the origins to the key players, the foreign fighters and the role of mass media, the war on terrorism that the Western world is conducting and the risks of our civilization.