The Future of Fashion Lies in Ethics

Love clothes or not, everyone wears them. However, the apparel industry can be guilty of unethical and harmful business practices that affect many vital human and environmental issues. Thankfully, people like Simone Cipriani of the Ethical Fashion Initiative are making a difference.

Big Changes to Boost Milan Men’s Fashion Week

Shortly approaching in early January, the next edition of Milano Moda Uomo (Milan Men’s Fashion Week) is filled with emerging brands and new creative director debuts.

Christmas Fashion: Italian Style on Sale

We looked to some of our favorite Italian designers and put together a gift guide of stylish pieces at reduced prices for all of the fashionistas you still need to shop for.

Furla Celebrates 1st Anniversary of 5th Ave Flagship

Toasting its success in the US and kicking off their Semi-Annual Private Sale, Furla threw a flashy party, featuring a special appearance by actress Jamie Chung and a musical performance by City of the Sun.

Anna Sammarone’s Butterfly Inspired Fall 2016 Collection

Suffused with her creativity and talent, Anna’s latest designs are hand made in Italy, timeless, and vary in texture.

Dennita Sewell in Los Angeles: The Italian Impact on Contemporary Fashion

As part of the Week of the Italian Language, the Director of the Italian Cultural Institute in LA, Valeria Rumori, welcomed fashion curator, Dennita Sewell, to host a special presentation on the role of Italian designers in establishing today's trends.

The Power of the Veil

On Thursday evening, as part of Italian Language Week, a group of distinguished panelists will offer their perspectives on Italian bridal couture.

Pierpaolo Piccioli Makes a Striking Solo Debut at Valentino

In the wake of former partner Maria Grazia Chiuri’s departure to Dior, Piccioli stepped up to the task and created a collection that can be described as Valentino meets punk meets Hieronymus Bosch.

Are These Slippers Inspired by Trump's Hair?

These Gucci shoes turned fashion political but are apparently catching on quite quickly.

Looking Back on Milan Fashion Week

A recap of the six-day event, where Italian designers paid homage to heritage while heralding innovation.

Fashion, National Geographic

A group of young ladies in swimsuit(s) portrayed on a beach in Florida at the end of the ‘20s, a bald head completely covered by a giant, colorful tattoo of a man in Pittsburgh, the photo of a stolen moment of a man and a woman during a party in their fancy dresses at Venice Casino as well as details, ornaments and accessories of traditional dresses from all over the world. All of this (and so much more) is what Fashion is about.

Stadio della Roma: A Glorious Mix of Past, Present, and Future

The challenge of designing a new home for A.S. Roma, one of the most renowned soccer teams in Italian history, has fallen to American architect Dan Meis. The real estate investment should increase the value of Rome’s southern district Tor di Valle.

Visionary Fashion Icon Elio Fiorucci Died

Fashion designer and visionary Elio Fiorucci was found dead in his Milan home on Monday. He was 80 years old. Famous for their stretch jeans, his brand’s eccentric, funky and sometimes promiscuous image encapsulated the youthful enthusiasm which characterized the disco era during which the Fiorucci cherubs were such a powerful fashion force.

A Big-hearted Artist and Craftsman

Gianmaria Buccellati was the “king” who introduced Italy’s goldsmith tradition to the world. His father was also a jeweler who counted Gabriele D’Annunzio and Eleonora Duse among his clients. Today the family continues to successfully navigate the challenges of the global market. “My work is my passion,” he used to say, “and it brings me joy to share that passion with the world.”

New York Design Week. Collective Focus: Italy

Design Week: Once again New York is overwhelmed with events, panels and fairs about the international design week, which never cease to amaze. Much space is dedicated to the young and creative. “Made in Italy” offers elegance and originality. We specifically focused on “Collective Focus: Italy”, which ends on Sunday May 17th. The exhibition, curated by the editor of W magazine Stefano Tonchi, took place at the futuristic Skylight Clarkson. You’re still in time to experience the breathe in the fresh air of Italian and international design.

Afro: The legacy of Transatlantic 20th century Italian Artist Basaldella

On April 23rd a new exhibit opened at New York University’s Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò featuring the paintings and jewelry of the famous 20th century Italian artist, Afro Basaldella. With his natural talent for cultivating relationships within the art world, Afro was a fundamental figure in building relationships between Europe and the United States. He was one of the very first transatlantic artists, navigating American artists, buyers and curators through the Italian art scene.

Personal Shopper: Italian Dream of Spring

For a comfortable, romantic, softly lit, playful and wry spring. The watchword is vintage. Italian stylists have come to us bearing gifts inspired by the world of dance and the splendors of childhood. Our recommendations for intimate apparel, on the other hand, lean toward the sexy and (obviously) vintage. For your own personal downtime, only trust designs wedded to fashion. As for your wrist, go romantic—without a shadow of a doubt. And for you first jog across the grass left behind by the snow? Below you’ll find some decidedly different shoes….

1100 Millecento, the newest hi-rises in Brickell designed by Paolo Pininfarina

The Related Group celebrates 1100 Millecento's’ Completion with a rooftop Soiree in the heart of brickell. Celebration In Honor of Paolo Pininfarina, Automotive and Interior Designer

The Best of Italy at the International Vision Expo East

The ICE-Italian Trade Promotion Agency, together with Anfao (National Association of Optical Articles), takes part for the first time in a collective exhibition of 26 Italian businesses
Massimiliano Gioni

A Citizen of Two Worlds - Interview with Massimiliano Gioni

A curator of art exhibitions specializing in contempora-ry art, Gioni is the artistic director of the New Museum here in New York as well as the artistic director of the Nicola Trussardi Foundation in Milan, the city where he was born and raised. Last year he was the curator of the Venice Biennale.