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Baroque Sicily. When History and Art Join Forces — and Win

With so many possible ways to visit Sicily, we decided to take you for a tour of Sicilian cities in search of baroque treasures.

Botticelli Unexpected: Violent Storyteller in New Exhibit in Boston

After having being separated for hundreds of years, two iconic, Renaissance paintings by artist Sandro Botticelli have been reunited, first in Italy and now in Boston at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. They are "The Tragedy of Lucretia,” purchased in 1894 by Isabella Stewart Gardner and first Botticelli to land on US soil, and “The Story of Virginia,” from the Accademia Carrara in Bergamo. They are the core of a new exhibit in the Gardner Museum's Hostetter Gallery (in the new wing), "Botticelli: Heroines + Heroes," through May 19.

Venice Against the Grain

With so many possible ways to visit Venice, we decided to take you for a tour that runs against conventional views of the city.

Villa Astor. A Paradise Restored on the Amalfi Coast

Villa Astor, is a newly restored villa on the Amalfi coast, named after William Waldorf Astor, the wealthiest and extravagant American in the world.

Mesmerized by Mafalda Minnozzi's Voice

Let yourself get pulled in by the dancing words of a truly special performer, through Italy, Brazil… America.

To Each His Own Rome

A fascinating voyage through many different Romes, from early pagan Rome, where the presence of Antiquity is palpable on every corner; to Catholic Rome, which appropriated the pagan monuments for its own use; and finally to Renaissance and Baroque Rome, the city of Michelangelo, Raphael, Bernini and Caravaggio. Along his captivating tour he encourages us to jettison the timeless stereotype of the “Eternal City,” in favor of a Rome “in which we can recognize our century.”

Redemption Blues and the Legacy of the Holocaust

According to Peter Stastny, director of the documentary "Redemption Blues," redemption “is reaching out for something that you cannot reach, but at least you make the effort,” while music, in particular playing with other Jewish musicians in New York, is that personal “place where you can move forward in a Jewish way even if you are not religious.” In his movie, presented yesterday at NYU Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimo’, Stastny explores what redemption means for the last survivors of the Holocaust. Often people who belong to the second generation, like him, feel the weight of that tragedy, the Shoah, but might spend their life with parents or relatives who never wanted to talk about what happened, like the director’s mother.

2019 at MAXXI: Exploring Italian Creativity

Great new masters of art, photography, architecture and design, monographic exhibitions. After bravity, a new project for the 50th anniversary of the moon landing 2018, a year of growth: ticket sales up +11%, 917 educational activities for over 23,000 participants, 70 new works added to the collections new opportunities for visitors in 2019: “mini” and “last hour” tickets at €5.00 for a museum that is ever more welcoming, accessible and open to the city and the world

New York Rediscovers Lucio Fontana

“They think it’s easy to make a cut or a hole. But it’s not true,” Fontana (1899–1968) said once. “You have no idea how much stuff I throw away.” The Argentinian-Italian artist famous for his “holes” (buchi) first and from 1958 for his “cuts” (tagli) is in the spotlight in New York thanks to two major events, a retrospective at the MET Breuer and an exhibition at the Italian Cultural Institute.

Matera and its Sassi. Europe's 2019 Cultural Capital

Of the 58 European Capitals of Culture since Athens was designated the first in 1985, this year's choice fell on Matera in Basilicata. After four years of preparation, the 2019 year of European Culture kicks off there on Jan. 19 with music, exhibitions, light shows, and dance and theater performances.

Buon 90° compleanno, Braccio Di Ferro!

Popeye celebrates his 90th birthday in 2019 having made his debut in E.C. Segar’s Thimble Theatre comic strip on January 17, 1929. The character was meant for only one story but newspaper audiences wanted to see more of him.

Keeping the Chaos From Italy's Most Popular Museum: the Uffizi

How to keep the chaos from a museum that attracts 2.5 million visitors a year? That has been the challenge facing German art historian Eike Schmidt, one of the first foreigners ever to direct an Italian museum, in this case the extraordinary Uffizi in Florence.

Paola Randi, an Extra-Terrestrial Director for Italy

Paola Randi is not your typical Italian director. She discovered her passion for the movie industry when she was over 30 and no major cinema school would have enrolled her, she is from Milan “where working in cinema is considered for aliens only”, she is a woman, and for her second directorial feature, she chose sci-fi, a very unusual genre for Italian cinema. After all, as she explained, “I was told that I would have failed with my second movie like everybody does, especially when you first film did well. Well, I thought, if this is going to be my last movie, I’d rather be bold.”

The Search for Italy's Most Fascinating Presepi

Italian presepi -Nativity scenes, that is- come in all shapes, sizes, colors and dimensions. The historic ones in the venerable churches may have over 100 hand-carved figures. In today's presepi, Holy Families, shepherds and sheep may actually be alive - or be made of ice or sand.

Valeria Golino. Diva and anti-diva.

Interview with the actress and director who presented in New York her second directorial effort, Euphoria. She talks about women and cinema in Italy and confides a desire: winning one day the Best Director award at the Cannes Film Festival in France. "It took me a long time to do what I wanted to do," she says, "not because I found it difficult as a woman. The problem came from within: I would call it self-censorship."

NewYork/Palermo/NewYork. "Faith Within Your Hands"

Alessandra Salerno’s new single FAITH WITHIN YOUR HANDS is her first song recorded in New York collaborating with guitarist-producer Fabrizio Sotti

MoMA Celebrates Ugo Tognazzi

Tragedies of a Ridiculous Man. A retrospective that spans his four-decade career- (December 5–30, 2018 - The Museum of Modern Art)

Bosco Verticale. Like in a Fairy Tale

Bosco Verticale (in English Vertical Forest) is the marvelous masterpiece designed by the Italian architecture studio of Stefano Boeri. This project is part of the architectural renaissance that has been impacting Milan.

Italy on Screen Today Returns to New York and Miami

For this edition of the renowned Festival, Award-winning actress and director Valeria Golino will be our guest of honor during the screening of her film Euforia along with Director Julie Taymor and Novelist André Aciman. Special guest director Paola Randi will present her movie Little Tito and the Aliens.

Enjoy a Bird's Eye View of Ancient Rome

In a 22-year project, 50 classicists and computer experts have for the first time recreated ancient Rome in virtual reality. Thanks to new technology, students and scholars as well as the general public can fly over the Rome of 1,700 years ago.