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  • Are you looking for the best pizzerias around the world? Fortunately, a brand-new handy guide is on its way. On June 30th, within the framework of the Le Strade Della Mozzarella (LSDM) event, New York’s Ribalta Pizzeria Restaurant hosted the presentation of the new guide "50 Top Pizza," which looks to rank the best pizzerias worldwide. It is set to be launched on July 20th and was created by journalist, food expert, and blogger Luciano Pignataro and founders of LSDM Barbara Guerra and Alberto Sapere. During the presentation, 50 Top Pizza announced the nominees and winners of its International Awards, which were conferred to some of the best pizzerias across the globe.
  • I met Mother Theresa in the beginning of the 90’s during my first trip to the city of Calcutta. When I saw her, I immediately felt the sensation of being in the presence of a fragile yet potent woman, physically petite, but a giant when it came to everything she had the strength to do.
  • 24 photos of what appear to be exotic animals are currently being shown at the suggestive top of the Rock of the Rockefeller Center.​ ​ ''Handimals" marks the United States debut​ of the body painting master who, with extraordinary technique, transforms the hands in exquisite animals.​