Ducati Tears Up Runway at Men's Fashion Week

Samantha Janazzo (January 19, 2017)
Leather and denim company Diesel takes moto-inspired clothing brand to the next level when they pair with the designers at Ducati. The result is a new clothing collection and the first ever Ducati Diavel Diesel; a limited edition motorcycle that embraces the edgy adventurous side of both renowned Italian brands.

The luxury motorcycle manufacturers at Ducati collaborated with the creative design team at Diesel, a rugged Italian clothing company, for Milan Men’s Fashion Week 2017. The dyanamic duo created a killer limited edition matte-black and leather inspired bike called the Ducati Diavel Diesel plus a new apperel collection that is any biker's dream.

The trademark rebellious leather and denim clothing brand combines attractively with the recognizable body shape of the Ducati Diavel to form a unique, stylish, and intimidating retro-futuristic motorcycle. Though Diesel’s advertising has been known to push the limit, and is often criticized, Ducati embraces the originality of the carefully crafted reputation to generate a “never look back” vibe for the newly released cruiser- and it’s one hell of a combination. 

The Ducati Diavel Diesel sports a mesmerizing dark hand brushed steel fuel tank cover, headlight, and passenger seat with small luminous accents of red and black. The combination of metal and leature are signature to the Diesel design label. Five chain links trail along the front brake calipers while red LCD lights illuminate the instrument panel. A Diesel logo is embedded in the center cover making a bold statement in red. The genuine leather seat bears the exclusive Diavel form while simultaneously staying true to the edgy Diesel feel.

The bike’s exhaust system finishes the look, enticing both tasteful fashion clients and bike enthusiasts alike with gunmetal pipes snaking through to the double mufflers off the back. Each minute detail works in tandem to create this intimidating and high fashion design.

Only 666 bikes were manufactured, a crypitc number choice that specifically targets the post-apocalyptic sense. A ride on this motorcycle feels as though you are escaping the past and speeding to the future. Ducati’s Testastretta 11° Dual Spark motor creates a getaway experience, which has won countless awards on the racetrack for its incredibly fast yet highly manageable ride of pure asphalt and rubber.

“Only the Brave” is stamped in below the Ducati logo, a statement that encompasses everything this bike’s collaborative design stands for. The unmistakable details are not simply for anyone, they are for those who can handle all that is in store for this fast and fashionable creation. The collaboration is a true work of art and will take the fiery red runway in Milan, accompanied by models dawning the corresponding clothing pieces designed by Diesel, available for sale in April 2017.