2020 Remembering Marco Charity Initiative for the Gilda’s Club for COVID-19 relief program

On November 12th 2020 The Gilda’s Club NYC will host their annual gala, honoring Giovanni Caforio (M.D. Bristol Myers Squibb) and Emma Stone (Actress and Gilda’s Club NYC Ambassador), virtually. To support this year Gilda’s Club NYC fundraising, Remembering Marco will participate to the virtual auction launched on November 5th 2020 with The Yellow Cab Project. The Yellow Cab Project is part of the activities of Remembering Marco, a charity initiative started by Annalisa Menin in 2013 to raise funds in her husband, Marco Omiccioli, memory.

Annalisa Menin, an Italian entrepreneur and writer, originally from Venice, Italy, build her name with her first publishing project My Last Year in New York, ablog that then became a book, dedicated to her husband, Marco Omiccioli, who died prematurely at the age of 33 from cancer on November 15th 2013.

The Yellow Cab Project, started when Annalisa stopped in front of Kendra Scott window in SoHo, at the intersection of Spring and Greene Street.
Along with jewelry and beautiful handbags, there were a few die-cast model yellow cabs being used as props, a tribute to the city of New York.

Annalisa went inside to ask what would happen to all those models once the window was emptied. Once she discovered that they would be thrown away she thought "Oh, no! I want them".

Two weeks later, she went home in a real life version of those models, driven by a lovely gentleman with a white cloud-shaped beard, and 8 boxes containing as many cabs.

Annalisa created in 2020 The Yellow Cab Project, involving five international artists, designers and creatives, giving them the opportunity to “contaminate" in their own way the die-cast model cabs, giving them new life: Warø, Jon Koon, Iena Cruz, Marco Gallotta, Clint Henderson.

To remember Marco in this very eventful year Annalisa chose to support Gilda’s Club NYC annual gala fundraising as she strongly believes in their mission “to support, educate, and empower cancer patients and their families”.

This year Gilda’s Club is turning 25 and they will celebrate this important milestone with a virtual gala on November 12th 2020. A perfect occasion for the five of eight die-cast models, now precious objects of beauty and art, to be donated to Gilda’s Club NYC and auctioned, raising funds for its Community from November 5th to November 16th 2020 (Link to the silent auction).

We are so excited to have these one-of-a-kind yellow taxis included in our 25th Anniversary milestone event to benefit our cancer patients and families and are grateful for this generous
collaboration with Annalisa and the remembering Marco Omiccioli Charity Initiative.” (Lily Safani Gilda’s Club NYC CEO).

In this unprecedented times, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Gilda’s Club NYC, the cancer support organization founded in memory of Saturday Night Live (SNL) comedienne, Gilda Radner, transitioned their free cancer support program to a virtual program and continues to provide essential support services to cancer patients who are among some of the most vulnerable in this pandemic. Members have expressed sincere gratitude for their quick transition to virtual programming: “Gilda’s community is my lifeline while maintaining social distancing.” Due to the increased demand for this program and an affected donor base, they need additional funds to serve their current and growing community.

Annalisa personally experienced how important it is for grieving individuals to have a support system, especially in a city like New York, where many are far away from loved ones. She joined one of the bereavement group at Gilda’s Club NYC in 2013 after her husband Marco passed away, and it helped her tremendously.





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