The Best of Italian Jazz in NYC

N. L. (May 29, 2015)
The event will feature three young and talented Italian jazz pianists, allleading figures of the contemporary international jazz scene:Giovanni Guidi of theGiovanni Guidi Trio, solo artist Alessandro Lanzoni, and Domenico Sanna of the “Brooklyn Beat!” Trio.

Get out your calendars and save a spot for June 1st at Brooklyn’s Roulette Theatre (509 Atlantic Avenue) starting 7.30 pm.

Presented by Enzo Capua and the Italian Cultural Institute, the event will feature three leading Italian figures of the contemporary international jazz scene: Giovanni Guidi of the Giovanni Guidi Trio, solo artist Alessandro Lanzoni and Domenico Sanna of the “Brooklyn Beat!” Trio, who will all be performing backto- back in what promises to be a wonderfully variedand fun night. Despite theiryouth – the three musicians are 30 or younger – they areall established figures withinthe jazz industry, having won titles such as the “Top Jazz”poll in It

Giovanni Guidi

29-year-old Giovanni Guidi from Fogliano won the “Top Jazz” poll in 2007 and has been part of the international jazz scene ever since. He is a member of Enrico Rava’s band, leader of the Giovanni Guidi Trio – composed of New York bassist Thomas Morgan and Portuguese drummer Joao Lobo, who will be on stage with him at the show– and the larger ensemble

“Unknown Rebels.

Alessandro Lanzoni

The youngest of the three at only 23, Alessandro Lanzoni is known as a solo artist and will be performing as such in Brooklyn. Though he was already a child prodigy at 13, he more recently started to emerge as a breakthrough jazz artist, winning, among other titles, the “Top Jazz” poll in 2013.

Domenico Sanna

Domenico Sanna, 30, is the eldest of the three. He will perform alongside Ameen Saleem, one of the most in-demand bassists in America and Europe, anddrummer Dana Hawkins as the “Brooklyn Beat!” Trio.

Sanna came up with the group “out of necessity,” out of a compulsion to follow the beat, the pulse. Building off the origins of jazz, the band has created a contemporary sound infused with swing and R&B.

Young, yet experienced All of these artists share the rare characteristic of being fresh and innovative on the one hand, and experienced and masterful on the other, having previously participated in a variety of famous festivals and events throughout their short but accomplished careers. This event presents audiences with a unique opportunity to see

them all perform in the same place on the same night.


General admission $15.

$10 advanced booking. Visit: for tickets and






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