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  • Among many other figures, the Great Navigator has found himself caught in the mad rush to seek out detested statues dedicated to controversial individuals in American history. Columbus has more than 5 monuments in the city, one of which being the centerpiece of Columbus Circle that is currently the center of controversy. We went to the rally at City Hall organized by City Councilor Joseph Borelli.
  • Un momento della manifestazione sulla scalinata del Comune di New York
    Nella folle corsa alla caccia di statue detestate dedicate a personaggi controversi della storia americana, è incappato anche il Grande Navigatore che di monumenti a lui dedicati a New York ne conta 5, oltre a quello del centralissimo Columbus Circle, attualmente nell’occhio del ciclone. Siamo andati al rally oper lui a City Hall, organizzato dal consigliere comunale Joseph Borelli
  • An aerial shot of Church Street in Montclair.
    On Sunday, June 11 Church Street in Montclair, NJ was a sight that you would see perhaps only in a Formula One race. This was all thanks to Hollywood executive producer, restaurateur, radio host, and philanthropist, Franco Porporino Jr. The occasion was the 4th Annual Mille Miglia Exotic Charity Car Rally, hosted by Porporino's celebrity hotspot, Fresco Da Franco Italian Restaurant.
  • Do you love Italian cars? Don't miss Mille Miglia Auto Club's Italian exotic car rally! The event takes place on Sunday, June 11th in Montclair, NJ and is organized by Franco Porporino Jr. This year's rally is a fundraiser for Tomorrow Children's Fund and Hudson Valley SPCA. The day promises to be full of cars, food, and celebrity guests–all in support of local organizations.
  • On Friday, Rizzoli Bookstore will be forced to close its doors after 29 years in the six-story architectural gem located at 31 West 57th Street. In solidarity with those losing their jobs and in recognition of a city losing an important piece of our cultural fabric, Community Board Five is calling for a rally of support