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  • Carciofi alla romana
    Dining in & out: From Eataly Magazine
    EATALY MAGAZINE(May 01, 2017)
    For the most flavorful dishes, we recommend cooking in season. Right now, our chefs are feeling this simple recipe that highlights fresh artichokes and transports us to Roma in the springtime.
  • Al Martino and Marilyn Monroe
    Un grande racconto costruito attraverso tante e diverse storie di vite “esemplari” degli abruzzesi d’America. Si potrebbe sintetizzare così il lavoro di Generoso D’Agnese, Geremia Mancini e Dom Serafini, autori del volume "Abruzzo Stars & Stripes" edito da Ricerche & Redazioni di Giacinto Damiani e Barbara Marramà.
  • The "Premio Piccolo Cafe - Fabrizio Alessandrini" Awards
    Goosebump-worthy photography: a brand new exhibition space is launched in a Manhattan café frequented by Al Pacino and Uma Thurman. Dedicated to emerging young talents, the “Premio Piccolo Café – Fabrizio Alessandrini” awards offer recipients the opportunity to display their work in New York.
  • Dining in & out: From Eataly Magazine
    Torta pasqualina is a beloved Easter pie in Italy. Originally from Liguria, the dish is now popular all over the peninsula. The pie is made with puff pastry and a spring green, such as artichoke, chard leaves, or in this case, spinach. In the past, the recipe had stronger religious tones: it was made with 33 sheets of very thin pastry, one for every year of Jesus’ life to celebrate Easter.
  • “Maurizio Cattelan: Be Right Back" will be on screen from April 14th to April 21st at the newly renovated Quad Cinema the Greenwich Village. April 14 for a one-week run at the newly renovated Quad Cinema at 34 West 13th Street in New York’s Greenwich Village. In Maura Axelrod’s iconoclastic documentary, we meet the art world’s enfant terrible, Maurizio Cattelan, one of the most successful - and controversial - artists of our time. The film documents the trajectory of Maurizio’s career as he provokes his friends and his detractors alike, while in the end, perhaps not even the audience is safe from his trickery.
  • Oven-baked lamb with potatoes
    Like most holidays, Easter time is another reason for great Italian tradition and cuisine. The Easter lunch in Italy is a delicious reason for a spectacular meal, great company and a primal celebration of the end of winter and nature’s (not just Christ's) rebirth.
  • Dining in & out: From Eataly Magazine
    EATALY MAGAZINE(March 29, 2017)
    Spring has finally arrived. To celebrate the fresh flavor, reach for pinzimonio, a Tuscan salad featuring seasonal vegetables. We love this flexible recipe because it is based on only the freshest seasonal vegetables. As a result, each pinzimonio is unique.
  • Piazza Italia is a new delicious way to open both minds and palates to the most authentic Italian artisanal productions. From March 31th to April 9th, enjoy exclusive new foods from across Italy. The showcase will highlight 25 artisans from 12 regions, bringing over 75 commodities for customers to explore, including traditional products spanning centuries of history, alongside innovative concepts that will intrigue and please even the most discriminating palates.
  • L'inaugurazione della mostra
    Non è la prima volta che al Piccolo Cafe viene dato spazio alle fotografie. Gli artisti selezionati parteciperanno infatti tutti al Premio Fabrizio Alessandrini, in memoria di un appassionato fotografo amatoriale prematuramente deceduto nel 2002. Quale è la ricompensa? Il Premio Tiramisù (Pick me Up), che consiste in una vecchia macchina fotografica vintage, precedentemente immersa in un barattolo di vernice glossy. Gino Alejandro è uno dei partecipanti a questo concorso. Fino al primo di aprile, tra un espresso, un cappuccino o piatti autenticamente romagnoli, si potrà visitare la sua piccola mostra Rolling NYC - rigorosamente in bianco e nero. Scatti di vita quotidiana, attimi della città che non dorme mai. Foto penetranti e taglienti che giocano con le luci e le ombre della strada.
  • Art & Culture
    M. T.(March 24, 2017)
    Gladstone Gallery is helding an exhibition of historical works realized by Italian artist Mimmo Rotella from 1953 to 1962. Representing a sea change in the artist’s practice, the compositions on view are some of the first examples of Rotella’s pioneering décollage and retro d’affiche techniques, methods that would become integral to Rotella’s artistic pursuit of continually engaging with mass media’s own promotional materials.