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  • Patricia de Stacy Harrison with John Calvelli at the National Italian American Foundation Gala
    Washington, DC: Italian Leadership in America. Series / 3. Interviewing Patricia de Stacy Harrison, President and CEO of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, co-chair of NIAF, and a most captivating Italian leader in the Nation’s capital.
  • Tobias Luthe, Giacomo Lombardo, Goffredo Palmerini, Marilena Raso, Giuseppe Di Claudio
    Si spengono i riflettori sul premio giornalistico internazionale dedicato a Gaetano Scardocchia con un risultato di tutto rispetto e già si pensa all’edizione 2018. Sotto l’occhio vigile del “re di pietra”, così viene chiamato il Monviso una delle cime più suggestive delle nostre Alpi, si sono svolti ad Ostana, in Valle Po, i lavori del premio dedicato al grande giornalista molisano spentosi a New York all’età di soli 56 anni.
  • Francis Ford Coppola on the set of The-Godfather Part-III (1991)
    If you know the lm well, you will appreciate the ideas surrounding the decisions the director made before and during the production. All in all, the value here is the unique access the Notebook gives us to the way Coppola worked, and this is the beauty of the book
  • Roman Film Director Saverio Costanzo
    The series will be directed by Saverio Costanzo. Elena Ferrante, whose real identity remains unknown, will be collaborating on the screenplay via email
  • The editorial team celebrates with NIAF President John Viola at our NYC office, which we call La Casa di i-Italy
    A new magazine. Our design isn’t the only thing different about us. After four years of covering New York, we’ve decided to reach out to readers in other American cities: Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Washington DC. And Miami, Philadelphia and Chicago are just around the bend... That means we won't just be talking about the New York area.
  • Vice President of Ierimonti Gallery, Cesare Luigi Caini
    We interviewed Cesare Luigi Caini, the Vice President of New York’s Ierimonti Gallery and the Head of the Prints Department. A collector and expert on printing, Caini spoke with us about collecting and curating art between Europe and America. He combines profound knowledge with extensive experience in dealing with print collectors on an international level. His secret? “Experience, a good eye, and a deep knowledge of history.”