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  • Roman Film Director Saverio Costanzo
    The series will be directed by Saverio Costanzo. Elena Ferrante, whose real identity remains unknown, will be collaborating on the screenplay via email
  • Amy's Story - the new book by Anna Lawton
    On April 27th the Washington, D.C. literary crowd gathered to celebrate another success by one of its most well-known members: a presentation of Anna Lawton’s latest book, “Amy’s Story.” The venue was perfect: the staff of Via Umbria, a small but extremely welcoming Italian gourmet market, with an upstairs patio and a space for culinary and literary events, greeted us with an aperitivo including several Italian delicacies. Bottles were popped and the spumante started to flow from glass to mouth. An organized – but long – line formed when the brand new books were brought upstairs to be bought by the readers and signed by the author.
  • Una scena tratta dal film con Micaela Ramazzotti ed Elio Germano
    Fatti e Storie
    Emanuela Medoro(May 01, 2017)
    "La Tenerezza", l’ultimo film di Gianni Amelio, liberamente tratto dal romanzo “La tentazione di essere felice” di Lorenzo Marone, ha nel titolo una parola usata anche da Papa Francesco. Mi sembra opportuno ricordare che secondo Lui la tenerezza non è debolezza, ma è fortezza, se unita a solidarietà e umiltà, perché il potere fa male a chi lo esercita e a chi lo subisce se non lo si mette insieme a umiltà e tenerezza. Concetti utilissimi per spiegare i sentimenti più o meno espressi che muovono i protagonisti di questo film.
  • Elena Ferrante's beloved series "The Neapolitan Novels" will soon come to television
    The Neapolitan novels of the popular Italian writer, Elena Ferrante, will soon be transformed into a HBO television series directed by film director, Saverio Costanzo.
  • Three of Elena Ferrante's books translated into English
    Devoted fans upset with the work of Italian investigative journalist Claudio Gatti for "outing" Anita Raja as the writer behind the Elena Ferrante alias.
  • Lavishly praised throughout the English-speaking world and somewhat more controversial at home, Neapolitan author Elena Ferrante is a literary phenomenon whose identity is an enigma. Her name is a pseudonym, and the author has chosen to keep his/her identity an enigma. For whatever reason, Ferrante is never photographed, never interviewed in person, but solely and occasionally by email.