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  • The National Italian American Foundation's annual NYC Gala was a grand affair suffused with song, homage to heritage, and an abundance of food. Emceed by Joe Piscopo, the event successfully upheld the countless contributions made by the Italian American community. The following day, the NIAF Board of Directors gathered one last time under the chairmanship of Joseph V. Del Raso, and saw the election of Co-Chairs Patricia de Stacy Harrison and Gabriel A. Battista.
  • Rossella Rago and Nonna Carmela's Stuffed Mushrooms
    There’s nothing like nonna’s cooking. But perhaps you’ve never had a chance to record your nonna’s recipes, or perhaps you’re looking to find a new Italian recipe. Not to fear, Rossella Rago has your back with her show “Cooking with Nonna” and her new cookbook also entitled “Cooking with Nonna.”
  • City Saucery's Nonna Carolina sauce line won NYCEDC's (New York City Economic Development Corporation) Third Fancy Food Competition. The Taste of NYC: Fancy Food Fellowship is a City-sponsored competition designed to send New York City-based specialty foods manufacturers to an internationally recognized trade show, in this case the Summer Fancy Food Show.
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    Natasha Lardera(July 10, 2013)
    Cooking with Nonna is a web-series cooking show with Rossella Rago, an Italian American actress from Bensonhurst. She merges traditional Italian cooking with the new generation by inviting a new Nonna (Grandmother in Italian) to make the most traditional recipes from Italy
  • Dining in & out: Articles & Reviews
    Gabrielle Pati(December 03, 2009)
    Rossella Rago’s online-based show “Cooking with Nonna” hosted a special event at the Astor Center this Monday, November 30th. At “Cenone di Natale”, traditional holiday seafood from the Puglia region was prepared live and served to a few dozen lucky spectators. Two nonne accompanied Rossella and shared their knowledge and joy of cooking typical Christmas fare from Puglia
  • Rossella Rago is the host of the food show “Cooking with Nonna”, broadcasted every Monday night on her website. We talked with her about the Italian nonnas she had on set, the new season of episodes that has just started, her personal experience with Italian food and tradition, and her very special relationship with her own nonna from Mola di Bari!