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  • Contrary to what people may think, as it is the case with Vino Novello which should be consumed immediately as it becomes undrinkable if not drunk in a short time, Novello oil doesn’t need to be enjoyed right away. You can taste its development, fully enjoy the slight softening of the aromas as it evolves, which is offset by the increasingly rounded flavor on the palate.
  • Colavita, a world renown Italian food brand promotes healthy lifestyle not just by providing nutritious food to the world. With the creation and quick growth of a cycling team called “Team Colavita” they aim to spread the concept of healthy living. "Team Colavita" started as a small initiative and in 12 years expanded quickly all over the US in a very successful sport and marketing project for amateur and professional men and women cycling teams.
  • This year’s celebration of the Feast of the Republic in Newark constituted the occasion for the Italian and Italian-American community in New Jersey to wish farewell to Consul General of Italy in Newark Andrea Barbaria. After four years of service in Newark, Barbaria has been assigned to the Mission of Italy in Tehran, Iran.
  • It’s a party. Colavita opens a new branch in New Jersey. From a town of 250, a family firm with its own brand now reaches 70 countries worldwide. In the U.S., the CEO is the young Giovanni Colavita who proudly led us through the new facility. The ribbon cutting ceremony was attended by the mayor of Edison along with representatives of the consular institutions of New York and New Jersey.