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  • The Tallone Lettering
    The Italian Academy of New York’s Columbia University hosted a presentation on Alberto Tallone Editore, one of Europe’s most important publishing houses and typographic studios. The event was held on the occasion of Alexander Goren’s donation of his private collection of Tallone books. The New York philanthropist and businessman donated more than 400 books to Columbia’s Butler Library.
  • La famiglia Tallone presso la loro tipografia ad Alpignano in Piemonte
    L’Italian Academy della Columbia University di New York, ha ospitato la presentazione di Alberto Tallone Editore, casa editrice e studio tipografico di lunga tradizione, tra i più importanti d’Europa. L’evento si è tenuto in occasione della donazione di una collezione privata di libri Tallone conservata da Alexander Goren. Il filantropo e businessman newyorchese, ha donato alla Butler Library della Columbia più di 400 libri.
  • The Taviani Brothers' latest film, Wondrous Boccaccio is a visual and poetic tribute to the stories of The Decameron. These tales that emerged from one of the darkest periods in Italian history, are a metaphor of today's living conditions where the young have to run away and find survival in imagination.