Contemporary Art Enters The ‘Home of the Italians’

Maria Klein (June 18, 2019)
On June 2nd, Italian National Day, the Palazzo del Quirinale or ‘Home of the Italians’ looks to refurbish by incorporating contemporary Italian art within its walls.

In the Palazzo del Quirinale, Italy’s President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella’s plan is being put into action. His desire is to turn this space into the Home of the Italians of yesterday and today, by introducing contemporary artworks into the Official Seat of the Republic.

“The idea of President Mattarella is to fill the artistic gaps with art works, decor and objects of italian design made from post-WWII to the present,” says General Secretary Ugo Zampetti.

This project named “Contemporary Quirinale” is bringing, for now, 68 modern pieces to the palazzo, 36 of which are artworks created by well-known Italian artists and 32 objects made from Italian designers and companies.

These paintings, lamps, tables, coaches, statues and other art pieces will be dispersed all within the perimeters of the ‘Home of the Italians.’ The courtyards, halls, gardens, and even the President’s office itself will be brought to life by Italian creativity.

Among some of the artists that will be represented are De Chirico, Burri, Boetti, Guttuso, Melotti, Fontana, Manzù, Pomodoro and many others.

The contemporary experts of design Magistretti, Ponti, Scarpa, Rossi, Citterio, Aulenti e Castiglioni also contribute their works to redecorate the palazzo.

The project, greatly requested by President Mattarella, livens and enriches the aesthetic allure of the palazzo. The contemporary works are not replacing the artistic masterpieces of the past, but instead coincide and accompany them.

The balance of the beauty of the past and present fuses together to give homage to the creativity and productivity of Italy’s past and more importantly its present.  

“It is not a matter of a permanent exhibition,” says the General Secretary, Ugo Zampetti “but of the contemporary that enters the Palazzo and revives it.”

Precisely because the palazzo is the ‘Home of the Italians’ the president of the Republic believes it must also be an echo of everyday life habits, mannerisms, and beliefs found within contemporary art.

Italy is not just a reflection of its past but is always changing, this project acknowledges and underlines the importance of the present.

The best part of all of this, is that the whole process is free of cost. The artworks and objects were donated by Italian artists and patrons that desire above all the recognition of contemporary Italian creativity.