You chose: war

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    (March 10, 2016)
    March 23, 5:30 pm @ the Italian Academy at Columbia Film screening: What the Allies Knew (2015) by Virginie Linhart, produced by Cinetevè, historical supervision by Henry Rousso. Following a panel with Umberto Gentiloni (University of Rome and author of Bombardare Auschwitz ?, 2015), Marianne Hirsch (Columbia University). Moderator: Yasmine Ergas (Columbia University). With the participation of Fabienne Servan-Schreiber (producer).
  • Italians are seen as “the West’s human face,” by a cultural mentality very suspicious of other Western countries. It might seem a cliché, but it should not be ignored. It’s a great asset for Italy in Egypt and other places in the region. It’s what analysts call “soft power.” And there’s a lot we can do to consolidate that power.
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    Judith Harris(September 09, 2013)
    One hundred thousand people converged in St. Peter's Square Saturday evening in response to Pope Francis's appeal to believers, including Muslims, and non-believers as well, to join together in a day of fasting and prayers for peace in Syria as well as in Lebanon, Irak, Palestine, Israel and Egypt. The Pontiff's message was clear and emphatic: "Let the cry for peace rise up across the earth," he declared. This was Pope Francis's first important entry into the sphere of international diplomacy. The massive participation also demonstrated, as do the crowds flocking to the Wednesday papal audiences, the Pontiff's extraordinary popularity and influence.
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    (February 04, 2011)
    February 10 is the Day of Remembrance in order to preserve and renew the memory of all the victims of the foibe, and remember the exodous of Istrians, Fiumans and Dalmatians from their lands after the war. The Italian Consulate General in New York will officially commemorate it