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  • Riccardo Strano, Director of the Italian Government Tourism Board, and Arianna Zanelli, Secretary General of the Associazione Città e Siti Italiani UNESCO
    On June 4 the Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimò hosted the inauguration of the exhibit "Il Paesaggio Descritto. UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Italy", a collection of 44 shots of 44 different Italian UNESCO Heritage Sites by photographer Luca Capuano. Whether you are an American fond for Italy, an Italian who is lonesome for his country of origins, a photography buff or even a historian, we assure you that you'll find a reason to fall in love with it!
  • 'I want this to become a home for all of those who love Italy in New York". Interview with Professor Stefano Albertini, Director of the Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimo', on the eve of the institution's 20th Anniversary. The Casa will close this successful year with two exceptional events and is getting ready to celebrate its important milestone with an exciting, interesting and varied range of initiatives. Read more about it in the article and get ready to live a new intense cultural year in the Italian workshop of NYU!
  • Events: Reports
    Julian Sachs(April 01, 2010)
    March offered us new and old productions at the Met, the reprise of "Madama Butterfly" at New York City Opera, and two Muti programs with the Philharmonic. April promises lots of gems, with the Met's new "Armida", the farewell to Zeffirelli's "Traviata", and two Pollini recitals at Carnegie Hall.
  • On March 18 Casa Italiana Zarilli Marimò opened an exhibit of Matteo Montani’s paintings, an innovative Italian painter whose inspired works are finally on view in New York. The majority of his oil paintings incorporate the mixing together of shades of blue, white, black and grey, with a few exceptions, such as the “explosion” of red in the painting titled “Autumn Tale”.
  • "Opera continues to be the great live performing art form and we continue to have great performers. I think that the quality and education of singers is better than ever, while what may be missing today is the personal culture of each singer. I think we can improve opera by restoring that sense of culture to audiences, singers and especially stage directors." Mr. Plotkin is the host of the series "Adventures in Italian Opera", held at Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò at NYU.
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    Marina Melchionda(December 09, 2009)
    On Dec. 7 the Italian Journalist and Photographer Michele Molinari presented his book Nella pancia della bestia (In the Belly of the Beast) at Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimò. What is life like in NY? How did it change him? Why did he decide to go away? Find all the answers in this book, a disenchanted and often ironic recount of his experience in the Big Apple, where he lived for eight years before moving to Buenos Aires