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  • Italian economists and business leaders are finally beginning to look on the bright side. During the first quarter this year the GNP surged upward by 0.3%, the same as Germany’s. The news gave the stock market a pleasant jolt. Most importantly, a report May 13 by the national statistics-gathering agency ISTAT, says that Italy has finally emerged from recession.
  • Confederation Cup 2013: Italy is in the semi-finals and on Thursday is going to face Spain again. The memories of the sad night of Euro 2012 when Italy lost 4-0 to Spain are still vivid. Italy is a very talented team and we wish it would win this time. As Balottelli twitted "Go Azzurri!Go Italy!Come on Italy."
  • No matter the outcome of this final match, Italy was undisputed protagonist of this championship. Remembering the past inglorious performances at 2010 World Cup nobody would have expected that the Italian team could grow so much within a few years and arrive so easily to the Final of Euro 2012.
  • Ineraries for an Iberian Art History (1440-1640)" Convened by Michael Cole and Alessandra Russo Hosted by Columbia University’s Department of Art History and Archeology; Department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures, The Hispanic Institute, and the Italian Academy