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    Mattie John Bamman(September 07, 2009)
    I took a short respite from wine this week to learn about the complex world of high-quality, extra virgin olive oil. Puglia produces two-thirds of all the olive oil in Italy, and it is a great place to begin answering the question: How is olive oil made and what determines its quality?
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    Mattie John Bamman(August 24, 2009)
    Sergio Botrugno, winemaker at Botrugno Winery, keeps production down and quality high, gaining a small but fervent following around the world. At his winery in Brindisi, Italy, we discussed his winemaking philosophy and methodology.
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    Mattie John Bamman(July 17, 2009)
    The Sagra te lu Ranu festival in Merime, a town on the Salento peninsula in the Puglia region, can be viewed as more of a worship than a celebration. Taking place in the spring, it focuses on the harvest to come and the elements of nature that give the land its incredible fertility, by featuring traditional delicacies such as raw and aged cheeses, cured meats, wines, grappa, and breads and pastas made from locally grown durum wheat
  • Puglia is the second largest producer of wine in Italy but its products are mostly underappreciated. Why is it so? We went in search of an explanation at the Apulia Wine Convenzione, where we sampled around 35 wines
  • A body always draws a crowd. Lenin's pickled remains at the center of Moscow's Red Square is the site of thousands of curio-seekers, but this week the body of Saint Pio of Pietrelcina (commonly known as Padre Pio) will gather throngs of the more devotional sort. It is expected that among them many will be those old enough to remember the sensational events of Padre Pio's long, spiritually observant, yet highly scrutinized life as monk to the people