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  • The Mobile Care Clinic and one of the women who got her screening
    The American-Italian Cancer Foundation operates with the mission to support cancer research, education, and control. Among its many successes in improving cancer research through the years, the Foundation has conducted outstanding work in helping economically disadvantaged and medically underserved New York City women learn about breast cancer awareness and treatment. In this regard, AICF had the idea of providing a mobile care clinic that drives throughout the city, giving the opportunity to have clinical breast exams and to educate on self-breast awareness. Last April 21st, the mobile clinic stopped in front of The Ryan Women and Children’s Center for a breast cancer screening event sponsored by Italian food company Colavita USA.
  • To begin anew after an event as horrifying as the earthquake in hilly Central Italy takes courage. At least 300 lives were lost, and ongoing tremors continue to terrify survivors. For the future: prevention, prevention, prevention.