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  • Life & People
    A. B.(January 02, 2019)
    The old good witch who brings candies and coal to the Italian children. Its origin and multifarious celebrations. January 6 is approaching so don't forget to hang up your stockings.
  • Giovanni Fattori, Macchiaiolo
    For better and sometimes for worse, 2016 had its memorable moments. Given the importance of the arts in Italy, among the events of the year listed below are also major art exhibitions and performances of grand opera.
  • Antico Forno Roscioli
    In Italy's historic cities, traditional shopkeepers and craftsmen are struggling to preserve the nation's heritage from the invasion of "trash stores" hustling fast food, alcohol and souvenir trinkets. Florence set the example. Now Rome hopes to follow suit.
  • Holiday shopping in Italy is a fun and festive experience especially in outdoor Christmas markets. The mayor of Pomigliano d’Arco is encouraging the venture and forbidding anything reminiscent of war and violence.
  • Yes, they are back. Visited annually by some 23 million visitors, Piazza Navona is perhaps Rome’s most beloved square after St. Peter’s. At 8:30 Saturday morning, while its cafes were serving cappuccini and corneti, a man of perhaps 45 years of age jumped into the Baroque-era Fountain of the Moor, one of the two side fountains in Piazza Navona. Cameras show that he first tried to strike at the central figure, but slipped and instead smashed at one of the marble masks that decorate the fountain border.
  • Life & People
    (January 05, 2008)
    Thousands of Italian children hunted out stockings on Saturday ahead of Epiphany celebrations that half of Italians still see as an important part of their heritage