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  • Sergio Romano, Italian writer, journalist, and historian Photo: TV 2000 Ufficio stampa
    Sergio Romano carries a lot of weight on Italian turf. The historian, political analyst and commentator served as the Italian Ambassador to Moscow at the twilight of the Soviet Union and later suspended his diplomatic career to focus on research and teaching. Even those who differ in opinion admit his viewpoint is always illuminating, informative, occasionally prophetic. We sat down with him to talk about America, Europe and the subject of his latest book: Putin
  • Italians are seen as “the West’s human face,” by a cultural mentality very suspicious of other Western countries. It might seem a cliché, but it should not be ignored. It’s a great asset for Italy in Egypt and other places in the region. It’s what analysts call “soft power.” And there’s a lot we can do to consolidate that power.
  • ROME – Consider the Italian position on Libya, whose leader Muammar Gaddafi said March 15 that he is “really shocked by the behavior of my European friends, first of all Silvio Berlusconi.” Speaking on state TV in Tripoli to representatives of the Mseleta tribe, Gaddafi accused the West of supporting the rebels, whom he described as “dogs infiltrated into society,” in order to seize control of Libyan petroleum
  • Italians are leaving Italy, poor immigrants are trying to get in, and descendants of Italian immigrants are applying for Italian citizenship.