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  • “Journalism between Two Worlds” last Thursday December 18. The event, supported by the Consulate General of Italy in New York and moderated by vice-editor-in-chief of Corriere della Sera Massimo Gaggi, celebrated at the Italian Academy of Columbia University the centennial of Barzini’s birth
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    Damiano Beltrami(December 13, 2008)
    For a foreigner, the war against ice is a serious issue and has to be handled professionally
  • The 1989 murder of Afro-American Yusuf Hawkins in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn became the icon of Italian American intolerance. Recently there has been a disturbing convergence of real and virtual racism in the United States and Italy. As the racism of a few in Bensonhurst came to represent all Italian Americans, the racism of some in Italy may come to represent all Italians. An honest appraisal of the problem in the United States, a look at the role of media, as well as historical parallels between Italians and Blacks might shed some needed light on a transnational and international problem. No al razzismo is a wonderful Italian phrase.