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    Dino Borri(April 21, 2016)
    The business of using fraudulent names or images to evoke Italy has hit stratospheric numbers. Never before has the problem of “Italian sounding” been so, well, audible.
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    (June 05, 2014)
    Insights from three influential people in the Italian high quality food industry in the U.S. Weather a threat or an opportunity for the authentic Made in Italy food sector, a unique chance to analyze the phenomenon with three leaders in the sectors of production, distribution, and advertising. With Dino Borri, Manager and Brand Ambassador - Eataly Usa .Leonardo Auricchio, CEO - Barabino & Partners Usa. Marco De Ceglie, CEO - DE CECCO Usa (18:30 PM Monday, June 9th, 2014 - Zio Ristorante) . Organized by PINYC (a.k.a. PIN) The Event is sponsored by DE CECCO USA
  • The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce recognizes 18 local Italian restaurants for their commitment to excellence and authenticity in promoting Italian cuisine in the United States at the event Ospitalità Italiana, The Authentic Italian Table with the “Ospitalità Italiana – Ristoranti italiani nel mondo” Seal of Quality.
  • The Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Desk at the Italian Trade Commission in New York was instituted by the Ministry of Economic Development and works together with the Italian Embassy in Washington D.C. The Italian IPR Desk in NY, which is part of a network of 11 Desks located throughout the world, is to provide information and legal assistance on US intellectual property laws to Italian companies. Through a series of telephone and email discussion with the Head of the IPR Desk New York, Ms. Donatella Iaricci, Head of the Intellectual Property Rights Desk, I learned more about the PDO and PGI seals found on select Italian products.