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  • Art & Culture
    (September 26, 2008)
    The Giorgio Morandi Exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art was visited on Monday by Alain Elkan, Advisor for Cultural Heritage and Foreign Relations of Italy's Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities
  • Art & Culture
    (September 05, 2008)
    The annual symposium organized by the Centro Primo Levi: a new opportunity to rediscover the renowned Jewish writer. On September 8, 9, 15, at 7 pm, New York audience is invited to participate to a series of debates and presentations focused on the figure of Primo Levi
  • Life & People
    (March 31, 2008)
    NEW YORK. The institutions of the “sistema italia” are celebrating Italian National Day with many events and important initiatives taking place throughout the week.
  • Art & Culture
    (January 13, 2008)
    The “Italian Women in Jazz” Festival represents a big step ahead for “Italian Women in Jazz”. After two successful editions in a single day, the forthcoming Festival will be displayed during three nights in the most important jazz venue of New York City.
  • Angelini, writer, poet and journalist. At the height of his career he knew how to translate his lengthy experience as an able communicator to his new appointment as Direttore dell'Istituto Italiano di Cultura in New York. After 4 years in Park Ave. Angelini leaves with a new book in print and a lot of new projects
  • Art & Culture
    F. B.(October 23, 2007)
    Veronamerica celebrates its tenth anniversary this October at the Italian Cultural Institute and includes strong impact exhibits, high-voltage charisma and moving audio-visual concepts.