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  • Nicola Orichuia with Sandro Dossi's artwork
    In June of 2015 Italian born journalist, Nicola Orichuia, heard a store in the North End of Boston Massachusetts was not renewing its lease. He dreamt of creating a cultural space for the Italian community and here was his chance. Along with co-owner, Jim Pinzino, Orchuia created I AM Books which is the first Italian-American book store in the country.
  • Why are so many Americans of Italian descent leaning rightward toward the candidacy of Donald J. Trump for the most powerful position in the world --- the Presidency of the United States of America? It's one of the many things about Italian Americans that makes little sense to most people, including other full and half-Italian Americans. What follows are some pretty solid speculations, and a reminder of the left-leaning history of Italian American political history.
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    (January 10, 2016)
    The Greater New York Region of the National Organization of Italian American Women (NOIAW) will honor three of New York’s outstanding Italian American women at its annual Epiphany, Donna Corrado, Ph.D., LCSW of the NYC Department of Aging; Carin Guarasci of Wagner College; and Sue Matthews of Conquering Kidz Cancer
  • The Chair of the Italian American Leadership Council sums up the debate about the future of Columbus Day and explains in detail his position on the issue. Our interviewee John F. Calvelli could perhaps be seen as a bridge between two generations of italian-Americans, facilitating the transition from past to future. Mr. Calvelli is the Executive Vice President of Public Affairs for the Wildlife Conservation Society.
  • Just presented at the Italian Contemporary Film Festival in Toronto, right after a successful screening at the Short Film Corner in Cannes, L'Amore Corto, a short film by Valentina Vincenzini, is an Italian-New Yorker project brought to life by a crew of young Italian professionals living in New York. Produced by Jack Boar Pictures and supported by Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimò, L'amore Corto tells the story of two Italians who have moved to the City hoping to live in a feature length film but they are trapped in an independent and low budget short.
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    George De Stefano(May 28, 2015)
    In "Built with Faith," Joseph Sciorra explains how Italian Americans have shaped New York's spiritual and cultural landscapes
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    Fred Gardaphe(April 30, 2015)
    Through participation and excellence in American sports, Italian immigrants maintained ethnic identity and enabled it to change as they moved from Italians to Americans. In the process they fashioned new American identities while preserving older, useful aspects of Italianitá.
  • Apparently the first form of verbal communication between human beings closely approximated what we might define as a “song,” i.e., the verbal utterance of sounds bound together by a communicative, or emotional, structure. In short, our ancestors talked to one another by using sounds formed by a logic dictated by their feelings or needs at a given time. It’s no coincidence that our voice is known as the “first instrument,” the first means of emitting sounds that were elaborate and pleasing (or displeasing, depending on the case).