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  • Every mother wants to talk about being a mother, no matter if anyone is willing to listen or not. And I’m no different, so of course I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to write something on Mother’s Day. I could have talked about my mum turning 70 today and wish her an even happier Mother’s Day, but I’m not going to. Instead, I drew on a few news stories that hit the headlines in Italy over the last few months and that made me reflect on some aspects of Italian motherhood…
  • 11 years after the police raid at the Armando Diaz High School, a shelter for activists and demonstrants during the 2001 G8 Summit in Genoa where over 80 people were injured, Italy’s Court of Cassation found 25 officers guilty of the offenses to the civilians, many of which were sleeping in the school when the raid began. The Statute of Limitations however decrees that most of the crimes are status-barred. Top-rank officers will however be suspended from service for 5 years, making the sentence historical for Italian justice.