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  • Francesca and Ferruccio
    Da ora gli italiani residenti in New Jersey non dovranno più recarsi a Manhattan per ottenere il loro documento di espatrio italiano. E' stata consegnata al console onorario di Clifton, Dominic Caruso, la postazione mobile per la rivelazione delle impronte biometriche. I dati registrati a Clifton verranno infatti trasmessi al Consolato Generale che spedirà il passaporto agli utenti. L'evento si è svolto alla presenza del console generale Francesco Genuardi, il sottosegretario agli Affari Esteri, Enzo Amendola ed il CGIE Silvana Mangione, Giulio Picolli, rappresentante dell'Associazione italiana Ieri, Oggi, Domani, e tanti altri connazionali. E vi raccontiamo la storia di Ferruccio e Francesca. E' loro il primo passaporto rilasciato a Clifton
  • Stefania Giannini, the Italian Minister of Education, at the Italian Consulate in NYC
    Interview in New York with the Minister of Education, Universities, and Research – Stefania Giannini. “I believe that now more than ever, the key words of the education and school systems – as well as society as a whole – are openness, inclusion, and equality. Through my political action, inspired by what I would call a liberal vision of the world, I’m trying to affirm these principles.”
  • Francesco Genuardi, Joseph Sciame, Matilda Cuomo, and the Italian-American community.
    Art & Culture
    Joelle Grosso(October 04, 2016)
    On Friday, September 30th the Italian-American community gathered at the Italian Consulate in New York City to celebrate the start of Italian Heritage month.
  • Francesca and Ferruccio
    Facts & Stories
    Letizia Airos(September 27, 2016)
    From now on Italian residents in New Jersey will not have to go to Manhattan to obtain their documents to travel abroad. A mobile fingerprint scanner was revealed and given to the Honorary Italian Consulate of Clifton. The data recorded in Clifton will be transmitted to the Italian General Consulate that will then send the passport to the user. The event was attended by Italian Consular General, Francesco Genuardi; the undersecretary of Foreign Affairs, Enzo Amendola, and the CGIE, Silvana Mangione; representative of the Italian Association Ieri, Oggi, Domani, Giulio Picolli; and many other prominent figures. This is the story of Ferruccio, Francesca, and the first passport granted in Clifton.
  • A perfect afternoon turned into night accompanied the musical tribute of the Carabinieri band in New York. It happened in the suggestive Appeal room in front of the representatives of the Italian community: journalists, diplomats, representatives from the United Nations and students, as well as other lucky guests.
  • The Minister of the Interior Angelino Alfano has visited the United States. Following are his thoughts on this visit to the Ellis Island Immigration Museum as presented at a press conference held at the Consulate General in New York. “At Ellis Island, the United States had set some strict rules: there were cases in which entry was denied,” he said, among other things.