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  • Francesco De Gregori and Stefano Albertini at Casa Italiana. Photo by Shushu Chen
    After making his US debut in Boston Nov. 5, Francesco De Gregori arrived in New York on Nov. 6 to perform for the first time. On the night before the show, he stopped by NYU’s Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò for a conversation with Stefano Albertini. FULL VIDEO INSIDE THE ARTICLE
  • Le Ciaramelle di Amatrice - Rosolino Rosati
    While the area of Amatrice is most well known for its famous pasta dish, it also plays host to an obscure form of zampogna that has two chanters and no drone pipes – perhaps the closest contemporary link to the ancient roman double pipes often seen on carved reliefs in the Vatican Museum.
  • Teresa De Sio Ombre Rosse
    Interview with Teresa De Sio as she performs at the "Divinely N.Y. Festival". The Neapolitan artist talks about her life with great generosity and warmth. Her grandfather was Frank Sinatra’s doctor, and her Jersey City ancestors as well as her great-grandmother were Native American