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  • Art & Culture
    L. A.(May 27, 2014)
    GUFRAM, a brand that has been a leading figure in the history of Italian design, returns to America. Dive into these masterpieces that have become part of American Pop culture
  • Massimo Vignelli
    Style: TV
    I. A.(May 27, 2014)
    May 27th, 2014. Sad news reaches us all today. Massimo Vignelli died leaving the entire design world in mourning. Above-our past interview with the acclaimed designer...
  • Dining in & out: Articles & Reviews
    Giulia Madron(May 27, 2014)
    Colavita brand presents its new selection of four wines to the American media. The collection hits the US market in collaboration with Terlato wines.
  • New York came alive with a series of events, which protagonist again this year was Italian design. Among the many noteworthy events we participated in the events hosted in the living-showroom-Apart Design. This interesting initiative was born in Italy and arrived in New York to revive and spread the values of craftsmanship and technological research design of Made in Italy.
  • Library: Articles & Reviews
    Letizia Airos(May 12, 2014)
    Edited by Massimo and dedicated to his wife and life-long professional parter Lella, this book is an inspiration to all women. “For years, the collaboration between female architects and designers and their partners has been under- appreciated” “Lella has been consistent throughout her career: she is unfailingly intelligent; rigorous, not arbitrary; timeless, not trendy. She is an inspiration.”
  • Meeting an architect who decided to design objects for women, from objects for make-up to jewelry. And does it from a point of view that is totally different from the norm.
  • Italian design gets off to a start in New York City with the Top Young Italian Industrial Designers Prize. Alongside this special contest event a selection of the works of the ten finalists will be on view. “Innovating is looking at the ancient, getting rid of the old,” said Giorgio Vasari in the sixteenth century—and Italy today is the ideal country where this can still happen.
  • At Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo', the two visionaries talk about their lives, works and passion in a long discussion with Grazia d'Annunzio, US Special Projects Editor of Vogue Italia, and Eugenia Paulicelli, co-Director of the Concentration in Fashion Studies at the Graduate Center at CUNY.
  • Stefania Vola, artist and architect, gives i-Italy a preview of her latest collection of sculpted lamps, including the playful “Luminaria,” “Isadora,” a dreamy dedication to Isadora Duncan, “Quel Genio Di Arturo,” a lively item inspired by quick-change artist Arturo Brachetti. Vola also speaks about the realization of the Villa Grock multimedia museum in Imperia.