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  • Valeria Golino just received the Federico Fellini Platinum Award during the 2019 edition of Bif&st, the Bari International Film Festival. We sat down with the internationally renowned actress and director who will be presenting “Portrait d’une jeune fille en feu,” a film by Celine Sciamma at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival. “I play my first ‘old lady’ part. Initially, I didn’t want to do this movie but Celine convinced me by saying that she couldn’t imagine any other actress in this role.” “I wanted to play the female leads in Hollywood but how could I compete with actresses such as Julia Roberts, Demi Moore and Uma Thurman?”
  • Interview wth Lauren LoGiudice, a young and promising actress and model. She recounts her life as an Italian American in Queens, NYC, and the way her origins influenced her career. She cultivates a strong relationship with her public through the internet
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    R. C.(February 24, 2008)
    To commemorate the greatly celebrated actress Anna Magnani, Italy will release a postal stamp on March 7, 2008 which would have been the 100th birthday of the legendary Roman