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Uruguay Bites...Sorry, Beats Italy. The Reactions of The i-Italy Editorial Team

Giulia Madron (June 24, 2014)
Uruguay sends Italy back home with a hanging head: 1-0 the final result. Instead of the typical article commenting on Italy’s performance, here the reactions of the i-Italy editorial team who watched the game in different places around New York.

As Italians we must say we are disappointed and angry because of this failure. So we think it’s useless to comment on how we played, telling you who scored or about Suarez biting Chiellini. Instead we are going to tell you how the i-Italy editorial team and collaborators reacted to the game.

Some of us went to see the game at Ribalta Ristorante some others saw the game at home or in some other bar around the city.

According to our Editor in Chief Letizia Airos who saw the game together with our collaborators Antonella Villa and Alessandra Rotondi, at Ribalta the atmosphere was really tense.

People got really angry after the referee threw Marchisio out of the game and also after Suarez’s bite to Chiellini. Chef Pasquale Cozzolino was so nervous that he decided let off steam by making more pizzas than needed.

Alessandra Rotondi, who went to the bathroom and came back in the exact moment Uruguay marked the point, decided she will never go to the bathroom again during a soccer game. However being propitiatory wouldn’t have helped Italy this time, even though hope kept Italians on the razor’s edge until the end.

Despite anger and disappointment because we were hit in our pride of being Italian, the i-Italy team's reactions to the game were really objective. We asked our boys.

“It was a very boring game,” said Giacomo Lampariello, video maker. “Italy played with no personality at all. We deserved the elimination.” He also affirmed that he was really angry not because of how Italy played but because of “how they did not play.” And in regards to Suarez’s bite to Chiellini he laughed and commented: “Oh well….Hannibal Suarez they should call him.”

Matteo Banfo, video maker, said: “One of the worse matches I have ever seen. Prandelli should have brought Giuseppe Rossi to Brazil. Now, resigning was the only thing we could do.”

And about Suarez he joked: “Well, Suarez has to learn from Mike Tyson. If you want to do something like that, at least do it better!” Matteo’s hope about Italy passing the rounds extinguished after Uruguay’s goal. “After the very first match I thought it was going to be easy for Italy. However, today I realized there was no game at all so I lost all the hopes I had in the team.”

The most angry and really disappointed was Mattia Minasi, video maker. “Awful match and very sad because we are going back home having done a really poor figure. What really made me angry was the expulsion of Marchisio and the fact that Prandelli inserted Cassano as the only offensive forward. His calculations were wrong,” said Mattia who never lost the hope until the final whistle that concluded the game and also Italy’s participation at the World Cup 2014.

Well, a very sad day for all Italians today. However, even if we are not very proud about our soccer team’s performance, we should be proud about one thing: Italian food. Yes, because today we had the confirmation that Italian food is the best in the world. Everyone appreciates it..... especially Suarez apparently.