New York Laughs with Fabio Volo

Giulia Madron (March 20, 2014)
Fabio Volo’s hilarity seduces New York again. At the Italian Cultural Institute of New York Volo presented his last book: “La Strada Verso Casa.”

The congeniality of Fabio Volo won  over New York. On Wednesday, March 19th, Italian writer, actor, voice acting, radio and television presenter presented his last book “La Strada Verso Casa” (The Road Home) at The Italian Cultural Institute.

His latest novel tells the story of two brothers, Marco and Andrea, who are complete opposites but whom life events force to get close again.

Marco never made a choice for his life. He listen only to himself keeping away the people who loved him. Andrea, on the other hand, knew how he wanted to live his life and got married to Daniela. Marco has had a lot of women but Isabella is his first truelove. But even with her, he was never able to make any decisions as to what he wanted to do. So he keeps living in neutral, never putting his life into gear by making a real choice. And sometimes life falls apart...

La Strada Verso Casa, which soon will be translated into English, is truly an engaging book. It talks about a love story that has to do with the wonderful as well as the sad moments of our lives. It also adresses pain and our struggles.  Fabio Volo does an excellent job in this novel, he makes us laugh but also touches our deepest emotions.

With five million copies sold, Fabio Volo's books have made him unquestionably one of the most read authors in Italy.

To those who criticized him for his way of writing, he answers: “I share some of the things they say about me. However, I am who I am. My books convey emotions, because I tell contemporary life, without structures.”

“I think it’s silly that you can’t read my book, because Dostojewski is much better. When you read books, you learn to recognize that every book has a different function,”said Volo. “All those intellectuals, especially in Italy, talk about a world that doesn’t exist anymore. Machiavelli has not been here for many years now, ” he jokes.

During the presentation at The Italian Cultural Institute, Volo talked not only about his book but how this book reflects upon many moments of his life. He also talked about his childhood, the memories, the encounters he had in life, the books he read and all those things that made him become the person he is today.

Many people attended the event and at the end, they couldn’t wait to take a picture with this Italian phenomenon who seduced the world with his hilarious personality.





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