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Nancy Pelosi for President and other Proposals

Jerry Krase (December 04, 2007)
Since I can't propose marriage, I will simply propose Nancy Pelosi for President. Seriously though, wouldn't she make a great "first"?

The other day I was perusing one of four New York city dailies (I can't remember which or don't wish to reveal which) and came across an unusually less than accurate and reasonably inarticulate column (so it might have been the New York Post) in which there was a sycophantic droolathon about Rudy Giuliani (definitely the Post) and his fitness for filling the shoes of "W" which in my humble opinion is relatively easy to do.

In the piece, a well-misinformed official of a major national Italian American group was quoted as an expert on Italian American voters who it seems are a more or less sleeping giant which could be aroused by "The Rude One" (my nickname for Himself when he mayored us in NYC). In fact he incredibly said about Giuliani's chances that: "Still, this is the first time Italian-Americans have had a national candidate to support."

Wow! This Italian American expert guy never heard of Geraldine Ferraro, who was an actual candidate of the Democratic Party for Vice President as the running mate of Walter Mondale in 1984. I thought to myself, how is this possible? Because she is an Italian American? Because she is bright? Because she is (excuse the word) articulate? Because she is beautiful? Because she is a Democrat? Because she is liberal? Which of these traits, or combination thereof, makes her so unremarkable?

Which brings me back to Nancy Pelosi; Italian American, bright, beautiful, articulately liberal Democrat who has the courage to go head to head with both enemies and friends to do the best for her country. For example the head of the Executive Branch told her, the titular head of one half of the Legislative Branch, that she shouldn't go to Syria and she told him where he ought to go. As we know, "W" has trouble remembering the intricacies, and even the obvious, of the US Constitution at times. Nancy Pelosi, as Speaker of the House of Representatives doesn't have similar problems in recognizing the limits of her power.

If I weren't already married to a similarly endowed woman, I'd be chasing her all over the place. Since I can't propose marriage, I will simply propose Nancy Pelosi for President. Seriously though, wouldn't she make a great "first"? Nancy for President campaign contributions (preferably in cash) can be sent to me starting immediately, and don't tell my wife.





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