Many Italians Stay Home this Summer

Giulia Madron (July 25, 2013)
Compared to last year, in 2013 the number of Italian tourists has decreased by an amazing 4 million. This is the latest data according to the ISTAT (Central Institute of Statistics).

Vacations. Until a few years ago we couldn’t wait to disconnect from our stressful jobs and leave to relax on some exotic beach with a cocktail in our hand.  Today, for many of us, the word “vacation” has been removed from our vocabulary. The economic crisis has emptied our wallets.


Prices increase and many Italians decide to stay home this summer. 

Compared to last year, in 2013 the number of Italian tourists has decreased by an amazing 4 million. This is the latest data according to the ISTAT (Central Institute of Statistics). Among the several causes that make vacations just an illusion are the increased costs of both services and transportation. Furthermore, what becomes the final straw is the rising unemployment rate, which reached 12% this year. 

According to Confartigianato, between 2009 and 2013 the price index of vacationing services  increased by 15,1% and the transportation cost increased by a whopping 21,8%. Moreover, since last May, the national vacation packages increased by 12,8% in cost , while the international ones by almost 7%. In addition to all this, it must be mentioned that Italy holds the record in regards to the increase of the cost of fuel, which is 11% more expensive than in any other European country.

This situation implied the substantial decrease of the tourist flow. The decrease in the number of bookings encumbers considerably on all the businesses connected to tourism, which in many cases have failed or at least are struggling.


According to an ISNART survey, this year almost 24 million of Italians have planned to  vacation away from home. Yet, they have considerably changed their habits, spending less on their vacations.


Following the data of this last survey, 41% of Italians reduced the number of their trips during the summer, 13% opted for more convenient destinations, especially in regards to the accommodations. Indeed, almost 10% decided to stay in private houses rather than in hotels. However, 28% of Italians did not let the crisis  negatively affect  their vacationing styles. It is expected that,  between the months of July and September, Italian tourists will generate  almost 29 millions trips, with majority concentrated in the month August. 





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