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President Sergio Mattarella approved a patched up bid from Italy's anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S) and right-wing Lega (League) party on Thursday evening, just days after a bitter feud roiled global financial markets.

Spectre of new elections had roiled Italy’s financial markets just days ago

The president of Italy’s move to block the populists will only make them stronger.

What's being called “the mother of all lizards” has been unearthed in the Italian Alps 240 million years after its death.

Attempt could bring a euroskeptic administration to power as political turmoil continues.

Italy's political turmoil could hit the EU harder than the Greek financial crisis and Brexit vote, experts warn.

An apparent calming of Italy's political crisis has led a recovery in global stock markets overnight.

This wasn’t good enough. Wednesday’s Italian government bond auction needed to go well to settle some seriously frayed nerves. And, with the highest demand ratio for the 10-year slug this year, it certainly wasn’t a disaster.

The heavily-indebted nation found buyers for nearly €6 billion ($7 billion) of its bonds on Wednesday, a sign that market fears that Italy could ditch the euro may be receding.

Ellen Pompeo‘s kids are future foodies! The Grey’s Anatomy star recently enjoyed a family getaway in Florence, Italy.