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  • "I am in L’Aquila from New York to visit my parents, who now live 6 miles from the historic center, where they used to own a beautiful old apartment. The apartment is still there, with just a couple of lesions in the living room, but is condemned like the rest of the town. There is no rebuilding effort in place (...) The hundreds of people gathered to remove the debris from the middle of the square in L’Aquila are no strangers to politics. Theirs is a form of protest against the decision to turn the town into a large landfill after the earthquake of last April 6."
  • Riccardo Muti led a free concert in L'Aquila for survivors of the earthquake. The conductor, between engagements in Salzburg and Chicago, directed an all-Abruzzese scratch orchestra and chorus of three hundred, including students from the famed conservatory here, itself severely damaged
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    (April 07, 2009)
    Italian-American and Italian institutions, organizations and associations in the United States are mobilizing to offer concrete support to the survivors of the earthquake that hit the Abruzzo Region last Monday. Find out how you can contribute to this cause