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  • Mammoth Cruise ship in the port of Venice
    In a fiery new book described as a “pamphlet,” the authoritative archaeologist Salvatore Settis attacks Venice. For Settis, the beloved but troubled lagoon city has now become nothing more than a merchandise mall, in which there is just one inhabitant for every 600 tourists trotting through. Today, the local population had sunk to only 56,684 as of June 2014 whereas, in an almost terrifying contrast, the city has 6 million visitors annually.
  • Art & Culture
    Natasha Lardera(September 23, 2007)
    Who doesn’t love Venice? Rarely you meet somebody who hasn’t been to the city built on water or who hasn’t bought a ceramic carnival mask, and you start wondering what it is that attracts so many people from all over the world to this magnificent lagoon. Venice is a city of canals and palaces, of water and land, of a bright past and a doubtful future. For thousands of years Venice was one of the strongest mercantile sea powers on the face of the earth. For years after the city has lived on the remaining splendor from those days but now the brilliance and influence of the past have been fading, leaving a town of tarnished glory.