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  • At the Italian Cultural Institute in New York, internationally acclaimed writer and Pulitzer Prize Award Winner of "The Hours"–Michael Cunningham–presented his lyrical lecture on the exceptional city of Matera (Basilicata). The American author visited the city in 2016 when he was invited by APT Basilicata (the agency that promotes tourism in that area). In conversation with Giorgio van Straten–director of the Institute–Cunningham enchanted the audience with his passionate ode to the city and talked about his connection to Italy, as well as about his work.
  • Is one of the most beautiful cities in the world about to lose its true identity? In his recent book ‘If Venice Dies’, the eminent Italian archaeologist and art historian Salvatore Settis tries to answer this question. On October 31st, NYU’s Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò hosted an exclusive conversation with Settis and American author and journalist, Alexander Stille, who discussed all of the obstacles that Venice is currently facing.
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    P. O.(December 03, 2015)
    Make sure you visit St. Patrick’s this Christmas season. You will see an extraordinary Nativity scene set among the stones of Matera.
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    Emily Hayes(February 13, 2015)
    Matera, famous city in southeastern Italy, attracted more tourists Monday as a month long shooting began for the remake of the historical film Ben-Hur. Most of the filming takes place in the Sassi, famous ancient cave dwellings in the center of the city.
  • Without - Short Movie
    Without is a story about solitude and the way it is enhanced by the geographic and psychological isolation of small, marginalized realities and a crowd-funded short movie project. This funding method is a way to seek financial support from a collective group of individuals who are genuinely interested in the project and want to see it become a reality.
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    N. L.(October 29, 2014)
    Matera simply is one of the most unusual and memorable cities in Italy. Basilicata's favorite city was just picked as European Culture Capital 2019, beating some all time-favorites Cagliari, Lecce, Perugia-Assisi, Ravenna and Siena. The initiative is meant to highlight the richness and diversity of cultures in Europe, to celebrate the cultural features Europeans share, to increase European citizens’ sense of belonging to a common cultural area, and to foster the contribution of culture to the development of cities.
  • The competition is fierce: Torino, Venice, Bergamo, Ravenna, Urbino, Siena, PerugiAssisi (as they style themselves for this), Terni, L’Aquila, Amalfi, Bari, Brindisi, Catanzaro and Palermo. Against these “pezzi grossi” the city of Matera in Basilicata has put itself forward as a candidate for the title of European Capital of Culture for 2019.