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  • French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, sparks outrage after publishing insulting cartoons portraying the recent earthquake that afflicted central Italy. Later, Italian cartoonists wreaked vengeance against France.
  • Italian institutions and Italian-American organizations in the US are mobilizing to offer concrete support to the survivors of the earthquake that hit Central Italy this week. Find out how you can contribute to this cause. We shall update this list daily. All interested parties in the U.S. are invited to send us their data and relevant information ([email protected])
  • Op-Eds
    Judith Harris(August 25, 2016)
    The death toll from the quakes -- so far seven serious tremors have devastated these lovely ancient towns in the Central Appenines -- is over 240, and will doubtless increase. These are moments which bring out the best and worst of us, and you too can contribute.
  • On April 6, the seventh anniversary of the severe earthquake that devastated L'Aquila and its surroundings, Italy honored the memory of the 309 victims, who included over 50 university students. Most importantly, this year's observance emphasized prevention of future such tragedies, in a nation whose geological structure makes it particularly vulnerable.
  • Off Site Art recently presented at the town of L'Aquila with a "call for art," where Italian and international artists were invited to send their works. The scaffolding of the historic center of L'Aquila, destroyed by an earthquake back in 2009, comes to life with a beautiful selection of international artwork. The project is supported not only by the associations of l'Aquila, but also by a New York-based non-profit public art organization, Artbridge. i-Italy TV is preparing a segment with the founder of Artbridge, Rodney Durso, and other members of the international intellectual committee involved in this beautiful project.
  • After the second shock of the earthquake that hit the Emilia-Romagna, the Italian Civil Protection agency, with the collaboration of all the institutions and the citizens, is trying to solve the situation.