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    Eataly Magazine(December 02, 2018)
    In Italian, cappuccino literally means "little hood." Legend has it that the popular drink gets its name from the Capuchin friars, who wore hooded robes. Their humble attire had a distinctive reddish-brown color – a similar hue that espresso takes when milk is added to it. While nobody knows who came up with this name, one thing is certain: the Capuchin monks.
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    M. T.(November 06, 2014)
    Located in Chelsea at 546 Avenue of the Americas, Crave It is the perfect place to taste the most delicious Italian “cappuccino and cornetto” ...and much more.,, . Upon entering the shop, your nose picks up the scent of freshly baked cornetti and your eyes bulge at the sight of its beautiful and luminous display cases showcasing a pageantry of pastries
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    Susannah Gold(July 13, 2010)
    Italian coffee producers who were present at the Fancy Food show are optimistic about growing US market for their products. Americans, in fact, happen to love Italian coffee, be it cappuccino, espresso or a Latte Macchiato...
  • Nel bicchiere, in vetro or in tazza? Poca or molta schiuma? Boiling or tepid? However you like it, a cappuccino will sure become part of your Dolce Vita in Rome. And can make you understand Italians more than you can imagine...