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    Natasha Lardera(September 30, 2007)
    Americans find the Italian language to be the tongue of love, rich with sweet-sounding words that are almost melodic. But Italians are known for another idiom that they speak; indeed they are masters of the art of the gesture. Gestures are used so much that stereotypically speaking .when international actors portray “the Italian” they basically have nothing to say, and just move their hands. This ability to communicate is seen by many as the proof of the creativity of the Italian people who can be understood wherever they go, even in a foreign land with an impossible language. Well, for those traveling to Italy or who simply want to learn this special way of communicating, there is a helpful guide, a tiny book containing a lot of useful notions on how to speak the language of hands. Speak Italian, The Art of the Gesture by Bruno Munari published by Chronicle Books is available, for only $14.95, in all bookstores and novelty stores nationwide.