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  • “Dieta Mediterranean is the way”, e’ uno di quei segreti che vale non solo per noi italiani ed europei, ma per tutti, anche per gli americani. Il John D.Calandra Italian American Institute gli ha dedicato un simposio di una giornata intera.
  • In front of the Mother Italy sculpture in Poses Park on Hunter College Campus
    The Italian Heritage and Culture Committee of New York recently showed their gratitude to the finest individuals and organizations in the Italian American community during the 2017 Leonardo da Vinci Award Ceremony.
  • The commentary panel at Calandra Institute
    On Thursday, October 6th, the John D. Calandra Institute held a symposium about the forty years of Italian American Civil Service Employment in New York City and New York State.
  • More than three and one half decades of special events, concerts, exhibits, lectures, and proclamations to celebrate and to better inform New York, the largest Italian city outside Italy, and other geographic areas throughout the United States and the world, of the important legacy of Italian and Italian American culture.
  • Life & People
    Anthony J. Tamburri(October 27, 2014)
    In 1970 in Settefrati, a small town in Lazio, the piazza was a meeting place for the town’s citizens, a shopping center, a playground, a resting spot, a political forum. And it still is...
  • Professor Anthony Julian Tamburri's 198 page compendium, Re-Reading Italian Americana: Specificities and Generalities on Literature and Criticism, was recently presented at Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimo by the author himself in the company of Professor Josephine Gattuso Hendin and Professor Martino Marazzi. The book is a brilliant analysis of the status of Italian American studies in America and Italy, a powerful appraisal of critical works in the field, and a literary feast.