Italian Man is One of 100 Finalists for Mars Mission

Cristina Esmiol (March 03, 2015)
Pietro Aliprandi is the only Italian to be chosen from a group of 200,000 applicants to secure a spot as part of the Mars One mission. The current medical student is aware of the risks this mission presents, but is determined and excited by the prospects of being the first man on the “red planet”.

Conegliano Veneto native, Pietro Aliprandi, only 25 years old is the only Italian out of 200,000 applicants to be considered as a finalist for the Mars One mission. Aliprandi is one of 100 finalists, which will reportedly shrink to only 24 candidates making the extreme voyage to the “red planet”. In order to determine the final team, they will subject the 100 applicants different challenges including team-building exercises and tests to assess who can cope with isolation.

Mars One has the challenging goal to establish a colony on Mars and in less than a decade, starting in 2024, they plan on sending a team to the planet every two years. Given that Mars One estimates that it would a lengthy seven months to reach the planet and the estimated life expectancy on Mars is only 68 days, it certainly is a difficult goal. It is also incredible the number of people were interested in completing this dangerous trek. Aliprandi himself is well aware of the dangers of this mission, yet remains determined to be a part of the team. 

 Aliprandi recognizes that “every space mission is risky” and explains that he wants to be the first man on Mars “because only the first astronaut on Mars will live in eternal memory.” In hopes of this recognition, he is willing to leave his normal life as a medical school student (in Trieste) enjoying martial arts, theatre and opera in his spare time for a life-threatening journey to Mars. However, he is aware of the risks of this particularly high risks of this mission saying he knows “there will be morbidity.” Though Aliprandi does believe that test missions without humans will help to ensure the safety of the Mars One team when they begin their mission.

According to the official Mars One website, “Mars One is a not-for-profit foundation that will establish a permanent human settlement on Mars. Human settlement on Mars is possible today with existing technologies.”

The Mars mission is expected to have an immense price tag of approximately $6 billion, but the team seems to justify the price with what the trip could provide for humanity—inspiration. Its website states that “a human mission to Mars will inspire generations to believe that all things are possible, anything can be achieved.” But they are trying to meet that $6 billion through donations. If one goes on their website and click the donate tab, they will be prompted to offer a one time, or if one is very passionate about this cause, a monthly donation to this Mars mission. According to the Mars One website “All revenues received by Mars One are applied toward the primary objective: land humans on Mars.” They go on to state that eventually the Mars One Foundation will also be financially responsible for the human settlement on Mars.

Aliprandi compares the Mars One voyage to the likes of a reality show like “Big Brother”, however a “science-based” one. The goal of this mission will certainly provide people with a greater understanding of Mars. Even though he is not confirmed to be one of the finalists chosen to go to Mars, Aliprandi is not looking back saying, “I do not have a plan B. I will go to Mars. I send you a postcard from there.”





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