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    Maria Rita Latto(January 22, 2011)
    Tullia Zevi died Saturday at the age of 92. She was one of the historic post-war leaders of Italy's Jews and the only woman to ever hold the post of president of the country's Jewish communities. i-Italy met her two years ago. It was an honor for us. Here we re-publish that interview, where she talked about her life and her anti-Fascist militancy in New York.
  • Life & People
    Letizia Airos Soria(January 31, 2009)
    An encounter with journalist Andrea Fiano, member of the Board of Directors of the Primo Levi Center (NYC). He is the son of Nedo Fiano, an Auschwitz survivor, and the father of Talia, an Italian American teenager
  • Interview with Anthony Julian Tamburri, Dean of the John D. Calandra Italian American Institute (CUNY): "As an Italian in the US you were automatically identified as a Catholic; but then you were also a Jew, so a 'minority within a minority'..."
  • The former President of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities: "We need to build a world where all the national, linguistic, and religious groups become aware that there all are, in fact, minorities..."
  • The Consul General of Itlay in New York opens i-italy's special issue dedicated to Remembrance day: "Italy does not forget. We still feel shame that this occurred in our country."
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    The Editors(January 27, 2009)
    A special issue of i-Italy dedicated to Remembrance Day. For an uncompromising critique of racism, past and present - in Italy, in America, and everywhere in the World.
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    (January 27, 2008)
    In the year 2000, January 27, the day on which, in 1945, the Soviet army entered and liberated Auschwitz, was chosen by Italy and other European countries to commemorate the victims of the Shoah and to promote the fight against racism. These are the events in New York celebrating "Il giorno della Memoria" for the victims of the Shoah