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  • Based on real events described in Gioacchino Criaco’s novel, BLACK SOULS (ANIME NERE) is a tale of violence begetting violence and complex morality inherited by each generation in rural, ancient Calabria, a real­ life mafia (‘Ndrangheta) seat in Southern Italy. The feature film directed by Francesco Munzi is opening in the New York, at the Angelika Fim Center on April 10.
  • Op-Eds
    Bill Tonelli(February 19, 2015)
    I’ve seen this claim made—verbatim, repeatedly—over the years, whenever Italian-American defamation is being denounced: the pseudo-statistic that 99.9 percent of us are law-abiding citizens with no involvement or tolerance for organized criminal activities. In other words, we’re 99.9 percent pure, just like Ivory Soap, and just as legit as any other nationality, and any suggestion to the contrary is the worst kind of bigotry...... Today, I believe it is time to say this: Once, we were all gangsters.
  • In his customary cordial way, President Giorgio Napolitano read the political elite of Italy the polite equivalent of the riot act. On Tuesday the president made his traditional end-of-year address to the ranking elders of the Italian state, and it obviously represented a carefully considered sermon. He also insinuated that he will end his term of office Jan. 14, after which a new president must be chosen.
  • Courageous police and magistrates are battling valiantly against a wave of high-level political corruption linked to organized crime in Rome that has just brought 37 indictments. The dozens more under formal investigation include a cabinet minister and a former mayor of Rome. The media have christened this latest Italian scandal “The Sack of Rome.” This month Transparency International ranked Italy 69th down its list of corrupt nations
  • Art & Culture
    Natasha Lardera(November 18, 2014)
    Lights from the Dark. Mafia and Antimafia: pictures for an inventory, is an itinerant exhibition strongly desired by the Fondazione Italiana per la Legalità e lo Sviluppo "Generale CC Ignazio Milillo" (Italian Foundation for Legality and Development "General of the Carabinieri Army Ignazio Milillo"), composed by pictures referring to key and dramatic mafia-related events and to unforgettable victories of the State against the mafia, that is on view at the Italian Cultural Institute.
  • The full text about a presumed swap between the Italian powers-that-be and the Sicilian Mafia back in the Nineties is yet to be released. But already President Giorgio Napolitano’s three-hour testimony Oct. 28 before a Palermo court, transferred inside the Quirinal Palace in Rome, confirmed that the Sicilian Mafia had indeed tried to blackmail the Italian government. Because of his office, Napolitano was not obliged to answer prosecutors’ questions, but elected to do so and, in so doing, offered an admirable image of democracy at work.
  • On Saturday, during his visit in the southern Italian region of Calabria, Pope Bergoglio did what no other Pope had done before: in a land infested by ‘ndrangheta, the local mafia crime organization, speaking during the mass he publicly and unequivocally declared that all ‘mafiosi’ are excommunicated from the Catholic Church
  • The mafia has not always found an enemy in the Church. Pope Francis firmly asks that those in the mafia convert. It is a just appeal to the members of the mafia, but also to a Church that has not always been able to free itself from its more ambiguous role, proposing piety on the one hand, and insidious superstition on the other.