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  • Starring a convicted murderer, Reality tells the story of a Naples fishmonger obsessed with reality TV. The winner of the Grand Prix at the 65th edition of the Cannes Film Festival , will open in movie theaters in New York City on March 15th and in Los Angeles on march 22nd. A national release will follow.
  • In May, a 6.1 earthquake struck Emilia Romagna causing death and destruction. From that moment several initiatives took place, from charities to concerts. New York wants to do its part, with an event including a silent auction with luxury donations from Bulgari and Ferragamo and personal items from movie stars, wine and food testings and famous chefs. And i-Italy gets a discount! You will pay only $115 instead of $250. See how it's done!
  • On display there are 84 previously unpublished photographs depicting the lavish lifestyle of 1950’s Italian movie stars.
    New York City’s favorite Italian marketplace is hosting a one of a kind photographic show: “La Dolce Vita, 1950-1960. Stars and Celebrities in the Italian Fifties” curated by Marco Panella. Hanging from bars suspended from the ceiling are wonderful black and white images of stars at play and work in Italy during this glamorous decade. 
  • Lincoln Center has been busy with rolling screenings of this year’s most remarkable Italian movies, but last week Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò and the Italian Cultural Institute were equally busy with two related round tables