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  • Written by Italian news personality Claudio Angelini, “My wife in a Chador” is a seriocomedy that raises a lot of questions. In the play “My wife in a Chador,” a Pulitzer Price nominated author resembling Norman Mailer is recruited to run for Mayor of New York. Coincidentally the author's wife, who is half Arabic, is mugged on the city's mean streets and is so traumatized by the crime that she decides to return to her Islamic roots and adopt the chador (head covering). The question then becomes: can a man campaigning with an Islamic wife win the mayoralty of our city?
  • Angelini, writer, poet and journalist. At the height of his career he knew how to translate his lengthy experience as an able communicator to his new appointment as Direttore dell'Istituto Italiano di Cultura in New York. After 4 years in Park Ave. Angelini leaves with a new book in print and a lot of new projects
  • All’Istituto Italiano di Cultura di New York, lunedì scorso la sala era pierna per la presentazione del libro più venduto d’Italia. E' il caso editoriale italiano degli ultimi anni: "La Casta. Così i politici italiani sono diventati intoccabili” (Rizzoli 2007), scritto a quattro mani dai giornalisti del Corriere della Sera Gian Antonio Stella e Sergio Rizzo, da circa sei mesi fa tremare i Palazzi della politica italiana.