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  • This October Italy launched a new national census on the family, the 15th such census in history, and by November, over 16 million families - 60% of the total – had already replied. Full results will be released in the Spring of 2012. The population is, strictly speaking, somewhat less Italian. Nothing more recent that January 2011 is available, but at that time it was estimated that, of the 60 million population, over 4.5 million were immigrants, or 7.5% of the total.
  • The US Census Bureau collects scientific survey data on Italian Americans and other ethnic groups. This article is the eighth in the i-Italy series “Italian Americans by the Numbers” reporting the survey numbers for the period 2006-2008, and discussing their implications.
  • In the previous six reports of this series, there was no significant measurable difference to be found between the Italian American population and the American population as a whole. However, in this report we see some very significant differences in income and earnings measures. Also, poverty is a reality in our community!
  • “The Italian-Americans are so far removed in time, space and attitude from their heritage that they could safely drop the hyphenate form. They are Americans, period, [although] somewhat confused and confusing ethnic pride.” VESPERS by Ed McBain (AKA Salvatore Albert Lombino)