A Jaunt in the Abruzzi Among its Mountains, Lakes, Hills, and Sea

Letizia Airos (November 05, 2009)
The Abruzzi has made headlines in recent months because of the tragic earthquake that struck on April 6. This time, though, we’ll talk about its natural beauty, and its artistic and cultural heritage thanks to the presentation that the Italian Government Tourist Board (ENIT)

Held at ENIT’s North American headquarters directed by Riccardo Strano, the Commissioner of Tourism for the Region of Abruzzi, Mauro Di Dalmazio, joined the President of the Region, Gianni Chiodi, for NIAF’s annual gala.

The conference focused primarily on tour operators, but with an audience full of enthusiasts the commissioner made a point of saying that after his official visit, he intends to initiate a more tangible relationship with the U.S. and that there will be other conferences like this aimed at major markets like North America.  

“We have a concrete strategy for promoting the Abruzzi,” said Di Dalmazio, “beginning with logistical steps such as certifying tour operators, implementing business-to-business workshops, organizing educational tours, offering packages for young and elderly travelers, as well as increasing our presence in the local media.” 

This virtual trip to the Abruzzi also featured a culinary journey thanks to Carla Cotellessa and Adele Cicchitti, editors of Il Pane e La Lingua (Bread and Language). Cicchitti briefly explained how cuisine can open the door to an anthropological relationship with a number of other disciplines.  

“Based on a systematic analysis of food culture in the Abruzzi, we can find and track connections between the various aspects of food, and food itself can be studied and seen as a means of communication and knowledge.” 

For the commissioner, his objective is to emphasize the Abruzzi’s exceptional tourist attractions, especially its high quality hotels.

“The Abruzzi continues and has never stopped,” Mauro Di Dalmazio told us, "thanks to its natural resources and culture, and its extraordinary people and warm hospitality in particular. It has been and remains an outstanding destination for tourists.” 

The commissioner sincerely thanked all those who contributed to helping the Abruzzi during this difficult period. “The President of the Region will also be sure to express his gratitude directly in Washington. I know that there was a major effort here to collect funds for the people in Abruzzi. NIAF also created a collaboration agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to coordinate the U.S. relief efforts,” he added.

“This region has so much to offer, especially because of its strong history and real life experiences,” said Riccardo Strano, Director of ENIT, North America.  

One of these touching real life episodes interwoven between America and the Abruzzi was recounted in the story presented by Mayor Guardiagrele (CH) e Doris Schechter. During the Second World War, as she was hunted by Nazis because she was Jewish, she found refuge among the families in the Abruzzi.

It was an emotional moment that brought the images of the documentary that was screened for the occasion even closer.





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